Growing Up!

I spent the last 4 months in Yaounde, writing my master thesis and reconnecting with my God. I’m gonna tell you about these epic holidays in another article, don’t worry! And for those who are wondering why I am writing in English…I think it’s time for you to know that I am bilingual !(at least, this is what my CV says)

So, I went through many experiences lately, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I happened to wonder if life was really what I have imagined? If dreams will come true one day? if the charming prince existed? If I will end up behind a desk , working from 8 am to 3pm everyday ? If I will desire to be a mom soon?

You know, when you get to a crossroad in your life , you can either follow a pattern or another one, or you can create your own way. But, what way will it be? Are you going to invent something? « There is nothing new under the sun » someone said. So we should all live in the status-quo?Making difference should not be our interest?

I had to drink some fresh water! To many existential questions!

When it’s time to think about the future, in general you have more questions than answers, and that’s normal. But something else was going on, I could feel it.  I discovered that I was growing up.

Oh sweet innocence where are you? My head was full of things that were not Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. So I had to finish my thesis, then start looking for a job, choose in which country I would like to work (and so , live in!) , think about starting a real relationship in order to get married at 25 (Nice number , nothing personal!)… And I was looking at people who were around me and nobody had the same issues than me. I felt lonely, briefly.

Then I remembered that I had a passion! I was a writer, a blogger and an entrepreneur . I was more than a regular student or a random young woman! I resurrected my dreams and started to make them happen. I am working on a new website, I will share more about this with you later….

Anyways, I don’t remember where I started to end up here BUT I wanted to share some thoughts with you tonight: you don’t have to get married (nothing forces you to), you don’t have to find a job in a big firm or create your own firm, you don’t even have to like children (that does not indicates you if you gonna be a good parent or not). But you HAVE to use your gifts and talents, to chase your dreams and to live a great life. Great in all possible ways, make great choices, have great people as friends, go to visit great places and do great things!

Hope this is inspiring, refreshing or helpful to someone 🙂

Looking forward having you on my new website as a reader . I’ll keep you posted.

Twitter: alice_oyono


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  1. ….we certainly DON’T have to be this and that, …. but don’t we DEFINITELY better have to meet the real one we are ? The one we were created to be, by the one who created us WITH a very specific project for ?
    For sure they are lots of wonderful things to enjoy out there, let us just make sure we do not miss the mark.
    Otherwise we are in the midst of what a sin is.
    Uh uh !
    Trust me, I DID try almost everything on this earth and turning 53 very soon I promise you, only meeting the real me who was hidden in God’s palm hand eventually gave me that REAL worth.
    … sorry for spoiling your fairy tales girls …


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